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Weinberg Guest-Curates Photography Exhibition

weinberg_cropped_nobgMimi (Miriam) Weinberg, an adjunct instructor in art history at Stern College of Women, guest-curated an exhibition at Montclair State University’s George Segal Gallery titled “Between Here and Then: Photography from the Collections of Montclair State University.”

The exhibit highlights important photographic works in the University's permanent collections. Of special note is more than a dozen color Polaroids as well as a series of black and white photographs by Andy Warhol, and photographs by Donald Lokuta that capture the sculptor George Segal in the process of casting his models for his famous Street Crossing installation, permanently on display at Montclair State University.

“For the exhibition,” said Weinberg “I divided the work into four sections: Snapshots, functioning as visual diary entries; Sketches, photos implicated in the process of creating something else; Documents of objects and rituals; and Pictures, in which the images enhance the depicted subjects and are the ends in and of themselves.”

The exhibition runs from September 8 to December 17, 2016.