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Shmalo Publishes Spiritual Guide to Gap Year in Israel

Shmalo headshotRabbi Gamliel Shmalo, an adjunct instructor in Jewish Philosophy at Stern College for Women, recently published Learning to Grow: A Spiritual Guide to Your Year in Israel (Kodesh Press). The book, according to Shmalo, “serves as a spiritual and intellectual guide to the big themes and even bigger opportunities during your formative year in yeshiva or seminary.” It can be obtained through Kodesh Press and on Amazon.

The genesis of the book came from Rabbi Shmalo’s desire to help students give some shape and meaning to the riot of emotions that he saw them go through during their year, ranging from high inspiration to deep depression. “I wanted to help them see these experiences as charmed moments in their lives that, with the right amount of reflection and discussion, could lead to real and sustainable personal growth.”

Rabbi Shmalo is the educational director of Meor NYU. He has also published “Orthodox Approaches to Biblical Slavery” (Torah U'Madda Journal, 16) and “Radical Philosophy in the Yeshiva World: Rav Yitzchak Hutner on the Holocaust” (Hakirah: The Flatbush Journal of Jewish Law and Thought: 19 [Winter 2015]).