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Auerbach and Zeitlin Publish Article on Oxford University Press Blog

Charles Auerbach

Dr. Charles Auerbach and Dr. Wendy Zeitlin, full professor and assistant professor respectively at Yeshiva University's  Wurzweiler Graduate School of Social Work, recently co-authored an article on The Oxford University Press Blog: Academic Insights for the Thinking World. Titled "Collecting and evaluating data on social programs," the article was written in response to a New York Times op-ed by Ron Haskins of the Brookings Institution urging the need to support evidence-based social programs and abandon those that show small or un-enduring effect.


Wendy Schudrich, Wurztweiler School of Social Work - faculty headshots Wendy Zeitlin

Zeitlin and Auerbach offer a closer look at some of the real-life situations facing agencies today and suggest one solution for identifying effective social programs within agency settings: training program administrators and evaluators to use R, a free open-source statistical programming language that can be used in place of expensive brand-named statistical software, such as SPSS.