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Vigodner and Students Publish Two Articles

Margarita VigodnerDr. Margarita Vigodner, associate professor of biology at Stern College for Women, recently published two articles together with recent students and alumni.

The first, titled “Can your protein be sumoylated? A quick summary and important tips to study SUMO-modified proteins,” was published in Analytical Biochemistry (November 2014) and focuses on the optimization of important techniques used to study protein modifications. Daniel Pollack, a recent Yeshiva College graduate, and Abby Winchell, a current Stern College student, contributed to the article’s research, which was supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health.

The second article, titled “CDK14 expression is down-regulated by cigarette smoke in vivo and in vitro,” is forthcoming in Toxicology Letters and was co-authored by Vigodner’s colleague Dr. Marina Holz, associate professor of biology at Stern. It focuses on developing a better understanding of the mechanism underlying tobacco-induced damage of tissues, including lungs. Pollack, current Yeshiva College student Avi Levy, and current Stern College student Miriam Andrusier were co-authors on the article, whose research was supported by the Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute.