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YU News

Avnet Ranked #18 of Consumer Behavior Researchers

tamar avnetTamar Avnet, department chair of marketing and management at Sy Syms School of Business, was recently ranked #18 out of all consumer behavior researchers in a study recently published in the Journal of Marketing and Education. The study, “Global Benchmarking of Marketing Doctoral Program Faculty and Institutions by Subarea,” co-authored by Matt Elbeck and Brian A. Vander Schee, examines the impact that marketing researchers have on their communities.

"I am very proud of this accomplishment," remarked Avnet, "especially since I am the only one of my graduation generation, (graduating in the 2000's) that is on the list.  My adviser from Columbia University is close by (#16).  All the other professors listed are much senior than me and come from universities with much lower teaching loads and bigger research budgets."

Avnet’s own study, “Clock Time Versus Event Time: Temporal Culture or Self-Regulation” evaluates whether clock or event time is more effective as a self-regulation strategy for employees to achieve a regulatory goal and is forthcoming in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.