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Pava Delivers Lectures in Washington, Maryland

Pava66017A-33Dr. Moses Pava, Alvin H. Einbender Chair in Business Ethics and Dean at Yeshiva University's Sy Syms School of Business, recently presented two lectures at Seattle University and the University of Maryland, respectively.

The first talk, "A Jewish Perspective on Jewish Leadership as a Vocation," was presented before The Vocation of the Business Leader Conference at SU on October 13. It examined the Jewish approach to bringing faith and values into business, using cases from the business world.

Pava also presented a paper, "Everyday Idolatry and the Ideology of Free Markets," at the Henry Kaufman Forum on Religious Traditions and Business Behavior, which took place at UMD from October 31-November 1. This paper suggests that especially extreme forms of free market ideology, which have permeated the culture of global finance and economics, and have come to dominate, if not monopolize, business and political discourse, come close to a kind contemporary and everyday idolatry. Pava draws on the Jewish tradition, as well as other monotheistic traditions, to provide useful resources to portray, communicate and combat a multidimensional view of contemporary crises.

Pava is a member of YU's Speakers Bureau. To discuss his availability for speaking engagements, contact the Bureau at