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Gorsetman Publishes Book on Gender Issues in Jewish Day School System

Gorsetman_64174G-30-1Dr. Chaya R. Gorsetman, clinical associate professor of education and co-chair of the Education Department at YU's Stern College for Women, has co-authored a book studying gender issues in the Jewish day school system which will be published in October.

Based on cutting-edge original and culled research in the area of gender and education, Educating in the Divine Image: Gender Issues in Orthodox Jewish Day Schools (Hadassah Brandeis Institute Series on Jewish Women) (Brandeis 2013) explores topics including pedagogical practices, images in books, school décor, single-sex versus coeducation, dress codes, sex education, school prayer practices and gender issues in school leadership, providing a broad range of insights for educators, parents and lay leaders interested in advancing Jewish educational practice in the 21st century.

In addition, Gorsetman’s research with colleague Dr. David Brody of Efrata College of Education will appear in the Journal of Jewish Education this month. Their article, titled "It's Part of the Fabric: Creating Context for the Successful Involvement of an Outside Expert of Jewish Early Childhood Education in School Change," presents a peer-reviewed case study examining the socio-cultural context of a long term project aiming at improving a school by developing a curriculum for its early childhood program. The research identifies cultural and organizational factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the outside expert’s seven-year involvement in the project and includes teacher and administrator interviews, artifacts and field notes. Their findings stress the importance of shared values, collaborative learning, teacher autonomy and supportive school leadership to implementing this kind of change.