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Hayim Tawil Co-authors Crown of Aleppo

In Crown of Aleppo: The Mystery of the Oldest Hebrew Bible Codex (Jewish Publication Society of America), co-authors Hayim Tawil, professor of Hebrew Language and Literature at Yeshiva College, and Bernard Schneider tell the incredible story of survival, against all odds, of the Aleppo Codex—one of the most authoritative and accurate traditional Masoretic texts of the Bible.

Completed circa 930 C.E. in Tiberias by prominent scribes who wrote the lettering and added vowel and cantillation marks, the codex then passed through history until it came to rest at the Great Synagogue of Aleppo, Syria. When the synagogue was burned in a pogrom, the codex was thought to be lost. That is where its great mystery begins. How it survived by being smuggled from the synagogue to the homes of Jewish dignitaries in Syria, and finally to its current location in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, is the story of this book.

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