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Einstein Mourns Sam Seifter, Renowned for Work on Collagen

Sam Seifter, a beloved member of the Einstein family since the College of Medicine's founding 54 years ago, passed away on Feb. 25, in New Rochelle, NY, at the age of 92. Although in recent years his battle with Parkinson's disease had kept him from continuing his laboratory work and mentoring of students, his presence was still felt on campus through the countless individuals he had touched.

Dr. Seifter was internationally renowned for his work on collagen, the major protein in skin, tendons, bone and cartilage that literally holds the body together. His research showing that collagen's protein chains are cross-linked into strong, rope-like units helped explain how collagen acts as a superb structural protein. He also showed that certain portions of the collagen molecule can stimulate the production of antibodies — work that contributed to the understanding of the autoimmune nature of rheumatoid arthritis.

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