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Howard Finkelstein ‘69YUHS, ‘73YC, ‘77R, ‘77F was honored by Congregation Beit Tikvah, Ottawa, Canada after 28 years as the rabbi of the shul. In addition, honored by the Ottawa Jewish Community School on retirement after 25 years as Dean of Judaic Studies.



Carrie and Morrie Klians ‘76YC on the birth of a grandson Elisha Natanel, son to Daniella ‘07S and Jeffrey Remin ‘07SB.



Rivki and Rabbi Ephraim Slepoy ‘76YUHS, ‘81YC, ‘85R on the birth of a new granddaughter, Yakira Leah, to their children Devora and Akiva Montal.


Rabbi Yeshaya Fruchter '90YC has published a 2-volume work on daf yomi in memory of his father, Harav Shmuel Aharon Fruchter. Entitled Chizuk Shmuel, the aim of the sefer is to make daf yomi study transformational by identifying a topic on each daf in Berachos and Shabbos, and using it as a springboard to develop mussar and hashkafic insights. The thesis is that, along with classics like Mesilas Yesharim and Chovos Halevavos, Gemara study can also serve as a daily source of mussar, hashkafah, and chizuk.

CN- Fruchter





Shoshana (Levine) ‘91S, ‘93BR and Dr. Isaac Schechter ’93, ‘99F on the engagement of their daughter Ayelet ‘20S to Daniel Guttman ‘20YC.





Avinoam D. Erdfarb ‘03YUHS, ‘07YC has joined the Blank Rome LLP’s New York office as an associate in the Consumer Financial Services group.


Chaim Schreck ‘00YC has been names General Counsel at Discovery Capital Management, an investment adviser specializing in global macro and long/short equity, since 2011.



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