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OU Press Published a new Sefer by Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm '49YC, '51R, '66BR entitled Torah Beloved: Reflections on the Love of Torah and the Celebration of the Holiday of Matan Torah.






Daniel Klein '75YC published Shadal on Genesis: Samuel David Luzzatto's Interpretation of the Book of Bereshit was published by Kodesh Press in November 2019. The second edition of a work originally published in 1998, the book is a translation of Shadal's original Italian and Hebrew, with explanatory notes and information on Shadal's sources, including new and newly available data and reflecting the latest Shadal scholarship.





Yerachmiel Bratt '89YC, '92C published his third Sefer-  The Light of the Ben Ish Chai on Megillas Koheles (Targum Press 2019) which is a translation of the commentary of the Ben Ish Chai.

Rabbi Yeshaya Fruchter '90YC has published a 2-volume work on daf yomi in memory of his father, Harav Shmuel Aharon Fruchter. Entitled Chizuk Shmuel, the aim of the sefer is to make daf yomi study transformational by identifying a topic on each daf in Berachos and Shabbos, and using it as a springboard to develop mussar and hashkafic insights. The thesis is that, along with classics like Mesilas Yesharim and Chovos Halevavos, Gemara study can also serve as a daily source of mussar, hashkafah, and chizuk.

CN- Fruchter





Benson Stone '90YC on his engagement to Marlena Humphries.


Ziona (Hochbaum) Greenwald '97S, J.D., a writer and editor, recently published her first children's book, Kalman's Big Questions (Targum Press).

Eli Shoshani '95YUHS, '99YC wrote an article titled, “Remembering Ratner’s: An Ode To Onion Rolls," for The Jewish Week. The article is based on a book he is completing, about his experiences working at The Lower East Side's iconic Ratner’s Restaurant. The article was shared 3.2K times in the first week since being published online.





Rabbi Saul Haimoff '09YC Co-authored newly released book titled "Handbook of Torah and Mental Health ", which is published by Mosaica Press and distributed by Feldheim. It features over 50 Torah sources and connects them to modern mental health ideas, and supported by peer reviewed research.



Esther and Yitzy Frankel '13YC, '18SB on0 being honored as the Dor Chadash Honorees at the Beth Jacob of Beverly Hills 2020 Gala.


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