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Alumni Give Back for Even More Impact

Bluman FamilyYU Chai Initiatives Enable Donors to Stretch Their Giving Dollars 

Everyone has the ability to give back in various capacities. This year, Yeshiva University alumni have the opportunity to give back and make their dollars go further than ever. The YU Annual Fund is proud to introduce YU Chai, a new program supported by the generosity of a $1 million anonymous donation which will match any new money contributed to the Annual Fund dollar for dollar. For recent graduates of the last decade (2006-2015), any first-time alumni gift of any amount less than $180 will automatically be increased by an additional $180.

“The whole concept is the power of cumulative giving,” said Andrea Hale, director of annual giving. “The money is all pooled together and can be used anywhere, so even if you’re a recent grad and are only able to give a smaller gift, it’s never small.  Especially now, if it’s less than $180, it’ll be increased by an additional $180.”

Alumni Kayla (Garfinkel ’10S,’13A) and Etan (’10SB) Bluman recently added their names to the list of YU Chai donors. “The opportunities that YU provided me in both the Beis Midrash and the classroom are something that I will always cherish. This, for me, is the least I can do to ensure that more students like myself can be afforded the opportunity for learning and growth from the same great Rabbeim and teachers that I had,” Etan said.

YU’s Annual Fund is its lifeblood. It supplies cash for day-to-day operations and has an impact on nearly every aspect of the student experience. Money from the Annual Fund covers everything from scholarships and academic funding to cultural programs, faculty support, career development, infrastructure and undergraduate and graduate programs. The Annual Fund enables alumni, parents and friends to give what they can each year and to know that they are part of a strong group of fellow donors who are having a powerful collective impact on the student experience at YU. And with YU Chai, donors can make their dollars go considerably further and substantially enhance their contributions. “I don't think people realize what the financial impact could be if 100% of the thousands and thousands of YU alumni gave just $18 or $36,” emphasizes Etan. Through YU Chai’s matching program, a $54 gift now becomes $234!

There are many more matching opportunities available, including a $1,000 bonus match for new Annual Fund gifts of $1,000 and more during the month of December. For more information about this, and on Yeshiva University Annual Fund and YU Chai, contact the Office of Annual Giving at or visit