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A group of Los Angeles-area alumni are at the helm of the pilot Los Angeles Summer Internship Program for current Yeshiva University students.  The alumni group spearheaded the entire project to demonstrate to undergraduate students that they can create a meaningful life for themselves within the Modern Orthodox community in the Los Angeles area, as well as offer them practical work experience.

YU alumni and LOA residents Aryeh Goldberg, Tzvika Nissel, Jonathan Wernick, Lou Shapiro and Shmuel Barak worked to pair students with employers for summer internships. Their efforts have yielded three fulltime positions for students.

“Barbecues are great, but our alumni in LA want to do more than that,” said Sarah Helfand, Director of the West Coast Region for Yeshiva University. “This is a great program to both showcase our students to the local community and for the local community to demonstrate their hospitality and opportunities to the next generation of leaders in the LA Jewish community.”

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