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YU News

YU News

..Third Annual Purim Top Ten Headlines..

Purim Announcements from Yeshiva University:

  • Mayor Bloomberg Addresses Sy Syms School of Business Gala Awards Dinner, students nervously hide soda bottles.
  • President Joel sends out formal invitation to Edon Pinchot to attend Yeshiva University, and assures him there is a spot waiting for him among the Maccabeats.
  • Sy Syms Professor Charles Harary insists that he did not lip synch his presentation in this year’s YU Torah Halftime Show.
  • Yeshiva College alumni ask Stern College alumni, "What's Cooking?" Stern alumni reply, "Whatever you intend to make."
  • To stay competitive with rival giant Amazon, the Seforim Sale has invented their own cloud drive named “Ananei Hakavod” being dubbed as the first cloud computing given by G-d.
  • Israel recruits the Lost Alumni Campaign to find the Lost Tribes of Israel.
  • West Village residents protest eruv before realizing it is just featured in the YU Museum’s newest exhibit, and is not an actual eruv.
  • The Alumni office is denying its basketball reunion had a sign that read: "You have to be this tall to participate."
  • At the suggestion of the Young Alumni Committee, the Annual Fund office is no longer doing gold, silver, and bronze levels of giving. --The new levels are beer, wine, and Scotch.

Have a happy Purim
The Office of Alumni Affairs!

P.S. We want to see you in your Purim costume!  Enter the YU Alumni costume contest by emailing a picture of you in your festive Purim attire to by Friday, March 1st.  We'll post the top 3 most unique or creative costumes on our Facebook page; the one with the most tags and comments will win YU swag.