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Unique Networking Event Brewing in February: Scotch Tasting for Young Alumni

A young alumni scotch tasting will take place the evening of Thursday, February 23, at the Roger Smith Hotel in Manhattan. Aron Ritter ’03SB, founder of the Kosher Wine Society, will have an assortment of scotch (and wine) samples, along with a tasty assortment of meat and fish hors d’oeuvres, for alumni in their 20s and 30s to enjoy. Young alumni will have the chance to mingle with YU friends and perhaps learn of a new favorite scotch (or wine) in the process.

Ritter founded the KWS in December 2005, with the goal of bringing people together to converse and learn about kosher wine as they form new relationships. Ritter said, “After graduating YU with a degree in accounting and finance and working as a CPA for 2 years, I was simultaneously looking for a hobby and ways to network with people in a social setting. I searched online for wine events or tastings, but there was really nothing out there for the kosher wine consumer. The Kosher Wine Society was born in 2005 to help bring kosher wine and scotch tastings to people in New York, and eventually, even Israel. This is really a fun and different way to network.”

Zechariah Mehler ’04YC, a kosher food and wine critic who will attend the event both as both a YU alumnus and a reporter, said, “I have never been to a scotch tasting that was not both educational and a lot of fun. I really hope that alumni take advantage of this unique event and use the opportunity to learn about, and sample, some amazing scotches, while at the same time, catch up with old friends.”

The cost is $75 per person if you register online, or $85 at the door. (Due to the nature of the event, only registrants and guests over the age of 21 will be admitted. IDs will be checked at the door, so please bring a valid form of identification.) For additional information, please contact or 212-960-5412 or a member of the host committee: Albert Babayev '04SB, Shai Barnea '03YC, Esther Birnbaum '07SB, Ezra Blumenthal '07YC, Avi Cohen '09YC, Ari Diskind '05SB, Eric Distenfeld '01SB, Lauren Elefant '07SB, Yehuda Feldman '08SB, Arielle Frankston-Morris '09S, Esther Genuth '07S, Ellie Goldenberg '03SB, Elly Goldenberg '03SB, Avi Goldstein '02SB, Rena Goldstein '05S, Matthew Grauer '11SB, Zevy Hamburger '07YC, Sean Hirschhorn '07SB, Aryeh Hoenig '03YC, Jonathan Krause '05SB, Michelle Laufer '08SB, Jacob Layman '10YC, Aryeh Magilnick '10SB, Zechariah Mehler '04YC, Jon Minkove '02YC, Jacob Muller '11YC, Penny Pazornick '08SB, Ari Pelcovitz '02YC, Abigail Phillips '11S, Jonah Raskas '07YC, Aaron Safier '05SB, Tiffany Sameyah '07SB, Dov Shamir '10YC, Yoni Shenkman '07SB, Rebecca Shmidman '03S, Yehuda Shmidman '03YC, Josh Sladowsky '09SB, Adena Stern '10WS, Elliot Wiesen '04SB, and Ziggy Zharnest '09SB.