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  • Requirements

    NEW REQUIREMENTS (for those declaring major Spring 2015 or later)

    Basic track:
    ECON 1010, MATH 1412/MFE, STAT 1021, ECON 1101, 1201, 1421; Three ECON electives, Two advanced ECON electives (i.e. those with either ECON 1101 or 1201 as prerequisites)
    Mathematical Economics Track: 
    MATH 1412, MATH 1413, MATH 1510, ECON 1101, ECON 1201, STAT 1021, ECON 5202, MATH 2461, ECON 1412 or 5203 or MATH 2462, one general elective (or ECON 1010), two advanced ECON electives, Capstone: ECON 5101, or 5103 or ECON 4911 or third advanced elective plus departmental exam.


    ECON 1010, MATH 1412 or MFE, any four ECON classes. 


    For those who declared their major prior to Spring 2015
    ECON 1031, 1041, 1101, 1201, 1421; STAT 1021; 15 additional credits in ECON courses. Up to 6 credits in finance or accounting courses in the Sy Syms School (or 3 credits plus Math 2901) may count toward the major. Sy Syms courses in other areas such as marketing or management do not count toward the major.

    Note: Students considering graduate study in economics are advised to take MATH 1412, 1413, and at least two 1500-level or higher Mathematics classes. Two 1500-level or higher mathematics classes will count as three credits toward the economics elective requirements.


    Eighteen credits. ECON 1031, 1041, plus an additional 15 credits in economics.


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