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    Yeshiva University
    Payroll Services Department
    500 West 185th Street
    New York, NY 10033
    Wilf Campus, Belfer Hall Room B12
    646.592.4320 (General Number)
    212.960.0887 (Fax)

  • HR Information Systems

    HRIS Systems reviews and applies all changes made to all employees records.  Changes include but are not limited to: new hires, rehires, leaves of absences, termination, one time payments, series of payments, and labor changes. Staff will assist in helping managers apply the employments changes.

    Contact: Amanpreet Chadha, Shared Services Analyst
    Contact Info: 646.592.4319 or amanpreet.chadha@yu.edu
    Area of Expertise: Hire, Rehire, Terminations, Leaves, Labor Distribution
    Campus: 500 West 185th Street, New York, NY 10033 Belfer Hall Room B12

    Payroll Staff

    Payroll is responsible for the application of taxation and deduction that you see on your pay advice.  Payroll staff will be available to answer deduction questions with regards to: Federal, State and Local taxation, benefits, and union.

    Contact: Abiodun Osinowo, Payroll Administrator
    Contact Info: 646.592.4546 or abiodun.osinowo@yu.edu 
    Area of Expertise: Tax questions, benefits, general questions
    Campus: 500 West 185th Street, New York, NY 10033 Belfer Hall Room B12

    Contact: Anthony Cruz, Payroll Analyst
    Contact Info: 646.592.4318 or anthony.cruz@yu.edu
    Area of Expertise: NRA Taxation, other tax questions, benefits, union deductions, reissue W2 requests
    Campus: 500 West 185th Street, New York, NY 10033 Belfer Hall Room B12


    Kronos Staff

    Our Kronos Timekeeping System validates and approves employee timecards.  Kronos staff will help employees and managers to add and remove employees from the Kronos Timekeeping System.  Questions with regards to earnings leave and vacation codes are some of the many questions that staff will answer.

    Contact: Kathleen Murray-Kelly, Kronos Specialist
    Contact Info: 646.592.4321 or kathleen.murray-kelly@yu.edu
    Area of Expertise: Validation, Approving Timesheets, Kronos training
    Wilf Campus: 500 West 185th Street, New York, NY 10033


    Payroll Compliance

    Contact: Effie Smith, Director of Payroll
    Contact Info: 646.592.4317 or effie.smith@yu.edu 
    Area of Expertise: NRA taxation, 941 tax forms, NY & CA tax forms, general questions
    Campus: 500 West 185th Street, New York, NY 10033 Belfer Hall Room 112

    Common Questions

    Who can I call for W2 questions?
    Please call 646.592.4318. Anthony Cruz, Payroll Analyst, will be able to answer if a W2 was sent to you. He also is able to request replacement W2s be issued. Because the W2s are issued outside the HRIS and Payroll Services Department, please allow up to one week for a reissuance.

    Who can I talk to for general questions?
    You can call our general number (646.592.4320), and a staff member will either answer your question or redirect you to ensure your questions are answered.

    Who should direct deposits be sent to?
    Direct deposits may be scanned or emailed to any payroll staff members. If you prefer, you may drop off your request at our office. Please remember that it takes one pay period for your direct deposit to be applied. The first pay period is needed to test your direct deposit number.

    Who can I talk to about parsonage?
    Please call 646.592.4317. Effie Smith works with the director of tax compliance to apply parsonage to employee wages. The director determines eligibility while Effie Smith ensures the application is applied to the wage record.

    How do I access my Pay Stub information? 
    You may access your pay stub information by logging into our InsideTrack portal.  Instructions are also here to follow - View Pay Stub.

    Payroll Policies

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