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Honors News and Events

Moshe Carroll, YC Honors Student, Named Recipient of Prestigious Goldwater Scholarship - Yeshiva University News

The award is one of the preeminent undergraduate scholarships in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering.

Dr. Dmytro Vovk Speak to YC Honors Students about the Russian Invasion of Ukraine - Yeshiva University News

Dr. Vovk examined the role of religion in Vladimir Putin's rationalizations for the invasion of Ukraine.

Dr. Jonathan Feiner Leads Mindfulness Workshop at Honors Luncehon

Students participated in a unique workshop based on Dr. Feiner’s book, Mindfulness: A Jewish Approach

Dr. Daniel Rynhold Discusses Rabbi Kook’s Vision of Controversy and Tolerance with Yeshiva College Honors and Straus Center Students

Dr. Rynhold’s talk examined Rabbi Kook’s reputation as a “beacon of tolerance” in an increasingly intolerant world. 

Dr. Erica Brown
Dr. Erica Brown Speaks to Students About the Teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks at Honors Luncheon

Dr. Brown discusses her mentor’s teachings from a personal perspective.

Tal Fortgang Advises Honors Students on How to Successfully Apply for Internships and Fellowships

Students learned about maximizing their applications and specific internship opportunities.

YC Honors Program Hosts Yearly Nobel Prize Nanosecond Party

YU faculty discuss this year’s Nobel Prize awardees.

A Daf Yomi Scout: Literary Critic Adam Kirsch Shares Insights from His Seven-Year Study of the Talmud with YU Students

Literary critic and Wall Street Journal editor Adam Kirsch spoke to YU students about his journey studying the Talmud.

Reporting on the Jewish World with the Jerusalem Post’s Zvika Klein

The Straus Center welcomed the Jerusalem Post’s Zvika Klein to speak about his time covering world Jewry as a reporter.

Rabbi Dr. Zev Eleff Visits YU, Kicking Off a Year of Engaging Programming for the YC Honors Program

The well-attended event was the first in a series of dynamic YC Honors programming scheduled for the current school year.

schottenstein honors

YC Honors Students Head to Broadway to See the New Play, The Minutes

Students enjoyed the opportunity to see the highly thought-provoking play.

schottenstein honors
Leon Cooperman Talks Life, Career and Philosophy to YC Honors Students

Honors students get a unique opportunity to learn from the successful businessman and philanthropist.

honors program carmi

Rabbi Shalom Carmy Discusses the Work of Rabbi Shagar at YC Honors Luncheon

An exploration of the works of Rabbi Shagar with YC Honors students

haahr schottenstein honors

Dr. Joan Gluckauf Haahr Discusses Her New Book With Honors Students

YC Professor Emerita of English Discusses Her Family’s Experience Before and During the Holocaust


Eco Peace Middle East

Gidon Bromberg Discusses Climate Challenges in the the Middle East With YC Honors Students

An eye-opening discussion on ways to advance cooperation on climate in the Middle East.

YC Honors Students Get a Taste of the Cake-Cutting Problem With Aaron Koolyk

YC graduate gives talk about fair division to fascinated students 

YC Honors Program Hosts Annual Nobel Prize Nanosecond Party

On Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021, the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program of Yeshiva College hosted its highly anticipated annual Nobel Prize Nanosecond Party.. The virtual event was introduced by Dr. Eliezer Schnall, director of the Program, and Dr. Gabriel Cwilich, professor of physics and founder of the event. 


Rabbi Dr. Benjamin Epstein

A Discussion on Mindfulness at YC Honors Program Event

Rabbi Dr. Benjamin Epstein on Living in the Presence: A Jewish Mindfulness Guide for Everyday Life

Rabbi Dr. Avi Rosenfeld Speaks to YC Honors Students About Artificial Intelligence and Jewish Law

The Complexities that AI Poses to Jewish Law

Danny Dannon

Ambassador Danny Danon Visits YU

Building Bridges in the World Community

Rabbi Joshua Berman

Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman Speaks to Honors Students About His New Book 


Dr. Tara Mandalaywala

Children’s Thoughts on Race and Social Status

Biblical Criticism, Historical Truth and the Thirteen Principles of Faith

Prof. Barbara Blatner Reads Her Work and Shares Insights with Honors Students 

Prof. Blatner Read from Her New Play and Discussed Her Creative Process

Rabbi Dr. Alan Brill Discusses Parallels Between Judaism and Hinduism with YC Honors Students

Dr. Brill Details Striking Resonances Between the Two Faiths

Eugene Volokh

YC Honors Program Welcomes Eugene Volokh, Distinguished Professor at UCLA School of Law

Preeminent Constitutional Law Scholar Discusses Freedom of Religion in the United States

Former YU Professor Dr. Joanne Jacobson Discusses Her New Book With Honors Students

Her Memoir Explores the Interplay of Illness, Mortality and Family Dynamics

YC Honors Students Hear Informative Talk About Applying for Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships

Dr. Shalom Holtz, Dr. Betty Sugarman and Rabbi Chaim Strauchler Give Guidance to Honors Students

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin Speaks to Yeshiva College Honors Students  

Students Learned About Rav Tzadok of Lublin

Dr. Steven Fine Delivers Fascinating Lecture at Yeshiva College Honors Luncheon

Dr. Steven Fine Discusses His Research of the Ancient Temple Menorah


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