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  • 2013-2014 Performance Management Program (PMP)

    We are pleased to announce the start of the FY13-14 Performance Management Program (PMP) cycle.  As we have done in the past, the process begins with all covered employees working with their managers to establish performance goals and to review competency performance expectations.  You can find complete information about the program and schedules on our website at: Performance Management Program.

    For the past three years we have used “Softscape” as the software tool to help us manage this process.  We currently are in the process of transitioning support of the PMP process to a new vendor, which we believe you will find to be a more robust and user-friendly system, and we will no longer be using  Softscape.   As we are in a period of transition, you will begin the PMP process by entering goals into a performance goal setting form and then saving them locally.  Once the new system is ready, you will be able to “cut and paste” the goals into the system’s goal setting form.  Please download the Performance Goal Setting Form to enter and save your goals.

    Goal setting for all employees who participate in the program should be finalized and formally documented by mid December. 

    We will continue to communicate key steps and dates in the performance management cycle.  The Human Resources department will also provide support materials, training sessions, consultation, and Lunch & Learn programs in support of the new system and the performance management program.   

    Please contact Natasha Reid at natasha.reid@einstein.yu.edu or Michael Sica at sica@yu.edu with any questions.

    Performance Management Program General Information 

    The PMP process provides a valuable opportunity for staff and their managers to interact and focus on planning for the future, setting goals and clarifying expectations, as well as conducting mentoring and professional development discussions.  We are committed to offering both in-person and online training opportunities for both managers and staff that help inform them on the performance management program process and steps, how to write goals and outcomes, and helpful guidelines on preparing for and conducting the performance assessment discussion. 

    We hope that you have become familiar with the Yeshiva University Performance Management Program (PMP) and are able to complete and benefit from the opportunities that a PMP provides; which include improved communication between staff and their managers as well as a formal opportunity to demonstrate how we value and recognize the contributions of our staff and managers and the importance of investing our time and efforts to assist in their development and advancement.  As important, the PMP helps each of us align our goals with those of our departments, schools and colleges, and University and support their excellence. 

    We are committed to ensuring this process works for our staff and managers and welcome your feedback.  If you have questions or need additional support please feel free to contact me or any of the following Human Resources partners who have worked on the development of both the PMP and the online system. 


    Natasha Reid, Talent Development

    Michele Russo, HR Technology & Operations

    Christina Cruz-Mendez, HR Technology& Operations

    Tanisha Riley, Compensation

     Thank you for your support and anticipated cooperation of this important activity.

     [1] Eligible individuals are defined as those employees not categorized as faculty or not covered by a union contract.



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