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                                                      Fall 2020 Opening Plan: Please refer to our latest updates here


MS in Real Estate Program Curriculum

The 36-credit Mitzner Master's Degree in Real Estate will prepare students for the fast-paced world of real estate through coursework on financial analysis, modeling, analytics, quantitative evaluation, hard asset development and deal-making along with important legal, accounting and tax considerations. It will provide them with practical experience with actual real-estate projects through a required capstone, feature prominent real-estate professionals as guest lecturers and will be built on a strong academic foundation.

All students begin their experience at Sy Syms with a required three-week (3 credits) intensive quantitative and analytics training module. The sessions meet for five consecutive days across three modules: 


  • Review of Finance (Excel and Calculator) (1)
  • Review of Economics Macro/Micro (1)*
  • Review of Econometrics/Statistics (1)


  • Real Estate Finance (3)
  • Urban Economics (3)
  • Real Estate Analytics (1.5)
  • Mgmt & Orgs (3)
  • Statistics/Econometrics (3)
  • Real Estate Accounting (3)


  • Real Estate Capital Markets (3)
  • Valuation & Market Analysis (3)
  • Real Estate Legal (3)
  • Advanced Seminars (1.5)
  • Advanced Seminars (1.5)
  • Advanced Seminars (1.5)


The set of electives vary from year to year. Each are 1.5 credit ½ semester course and can include:

  • Construction Mgmt & Architecture (1.5)
  • Negotiations (1.5)
  • Real Estate Entrepreneurship (1.5)
  • Sustainable Design & Architecture (1.5)
  • Property Management & Leases (1.5)
  • Marketing Management (1.5)
  • Urban Design, Zoning & Land Use (1.5)


The Real Estate Practicum is the capstone to the MSRE program.  It always takes place after the Spring semester and involves a comprehensive 4 week session in which students will work in groups of 4 from within their class.  The focus of the practicum may change from year to year and will always be topical and current. In some years, the focus may be on Financial Derivatives and Case Evaluation. In others, the objective may be to put the student into the position of evaluating a project, working with Architects, Financiers, and Development experts to develop a building from the ground up and then to ‘pitch’ the actual sponsor. The model of the Hines Competition where interdisciplinary teams work together to form a cogent financial plan and sound architectural design to address the objectives of the ‘sponsor’ has been successful in the past, with past projects including evaluations of the 50 Hudson Yards and the Chrysler Building.  This 6 credit intensive program will often involve work with architects and specialists from our network of affiliated graduate schools of Architecture and Design.

*Number indicates course credits

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