For Professionals Who Want to Elevate Their Pay Rate

You want to grow in your career, but you have a full slate of responsibilities.

The Sy Syms School of Business Executive MBA understands your realities. It prepares you to accelerate your career potential, bring game-changing ideas forward, and prepare for a shifting global economy — all while staying in your current job.

The Sy Syms Difference

  • Flexible: Classes are held on Sundays or hybrid formats.
  • Driven: Our comprehensive core curriculum builds a foundation for success in any business.
  • World Renowned Faculty: Renowned full-time professors inspire you through academic excellence. Impressive adjuncts bridge theory with real-time business practice.
  • Network: A community awaits you — both in class and among the supportive Yeshiva University alumni who will serve as a network for years to come. Our students come from wide-ranging professional backgrounds in finance, marketing, nonprofit, sales and technology, and they benefit from small, personalized classes.
  • Tailored to You: Whether you are a corporate marketing director wanting to conquer global markets, an aspiring executive wanting to climb the company ladder, or an entrepreneur wanting to understand local ones, our general management tools fit together, enabling you to become more effective in your career.

The Sy Syms School of Business Executive MBA program is dedicated to building a learning community from which the next generation of great business leaders will emerge. We offer you the business knowledge you need, to know how to succeed, in the context of the highest ethical ideals, in a unique way that only Yeshiva University can deliver.

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