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  • University Benefits

    Serving all University employees, focusing on long-range planning to help support YU's ability to attract, retain and serve an excellent faculty and staff, this team implements programs to help employees balance work and personal lives, and encourages wellness and prevention.

    Resnick Campus, Belfer 1203
    Fax: 718-430-3736

    Carla Pasquali
    Phone: 718-430-3276

    Geniene Jones
    Sr. Benefits Administrator
    Phone: 718-430-2566

    Priscilla Greer
    Phone: 718-430-3421

    University Compensation

    This function has a university-wide responsibility to support new compensation systems and processes, competitive salary positioning and policies, and to work to implement performance appraisal and development of new rewards structures.

    Resnick Campus, Belfer 1212

    Tanisha Riley
    Phone: 718-430-2016

    Employee Relations and Equity Compliance

    Employee Relations and Equity Compliance is an independent function to provide support of our diversity outreach efforts and oversight for all equal opportunity employment, compliance requirements, and reporting. This expanding role will include training to improve our search and recruitment efforts, creating a respectful workplace and valuing differences.

    Resnick Campus, Belfer 1206 
    Fax: 718-430-8783

    Renee Coker
    Director of Employee Relations & Equity Compliance Officer
    Phone: 718-430-3771

    Barbara Nielsen
    Assistant Director of Employee Relations and Equity Compliance
    Phone: 718-430-3454

    HR Recruitment Services

    This team is charged with coordinating the entire recruitment cycle and supporting departments in the hiring and onboarding of new employees. Human Resources Services will also provide local support for HR inquiries and general employment related requests required by faculty and staff on all campuses.

    Resnick Campus, Belfer Educational Center, 1300 Morris Park Avenue Bronx, NY 10461, Room 1207
    Fax: 718-430-8542

    Manhattan Campuses, Belfer Hall, 2495 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10033, Rooms 204-208
    Fax: 212-795-0834

    Karin Rosenthal
    Phone: 718-430-2556
    Phone: 212-960-5400 x5454


    Candice Nelson (Einstein Campus Recruitment)

    HR Representative
    Phone: 718-430-2545

    Berenice Pena
    HR Coordinator (Einstein Campus Recruitment)
    Phone: 718-430-3308

    Elizabeth Willcockson
    HR Coordinator (Einstein Campus Recruitment) 
    Phone: 718-430-3327elizabeth.willcockson@einstein.yu.edu

    Sheri Young
    HR Coordinator (Manhattan Campus Recruitment)
    Phone: 212-960-5355

    HR Technology/HRIS

    HR Technology focuses on focuses on implementing and leveraging technologies to support faculty and staff access to information, data, benefits and other programs. Its goals are to streamline and improve HR functions and processes and develop a comprehensive HR website. 

    HRIS reviews and applies all changes made to employee records. The changes include but are not limited to: new hires, rehires, leaves of absences, terminations, one time payments, special payments and labor changes.  The staff will assist in helping managers apply all employment changes.

    Resnick Campus, Belfer 1212
    Fax: 718-430-8542

    Michele Russo
    Director HR Technology & Operations
    Phone: 718-430-2562

    Christina Cruz-Mendez
    HR Systems Administrator
    Phone: 718-430-2558

    HRIS Staff

    Abiodun Osinowo
    HRIS Administrator

    Amanpreet Chadha
    HRIS Analyst

    Dawn Almenas
    HRIS Analyst

    Mirna Kontopoulos
    HRIS Coordinator


    Payroll Services

    Payroll Services Department is comprised of two areas of specialization: Kronos and Payroll.  The Kronos area will use the Kronos Timekeeping System to validate and approve employee timecards.  Payroll is responsible for the payroll production and all deduction applications that you see on your pay advice. Payroll staff will be available to answer deduction questions with regards to: Federal, State and Local taxation, benefits, and union. 

    Resnick Campus, Van Etten Room 5A4

    Effie D. Smith
    Director HRIS/Payroll Services Department

    Kronos Staff

    Cynthia Webb
    Kronos Coordinator

    Payroll Staff

    Daryl Haley
    Payroll Administrator

    Edward Perry
    Senior Payroll Assistant


    Anthony Cruz
    Payroll Compliance Coordinator

    Talent Development

    The Talent Development department provides program and individual support to the University community in the area of employee talent and career development.   Our goal is to support Yeshiva University's dedication to learning, teaching, research, and community by serving as a conduit to knowledge, information, services and expertise that empowers employee success.  Talent Development department provides:

    • Consulting services to leaders and managers 
    • Performance management training and support   
    • Talent development opportunities that enhance personal, professional and team growth 
    • Promotion of communication, teamwork and client service 

    Whatever our roles, and wherever we work, each of us supports the pursuit of knowledge and individual growth that symbolizes Yeshiva University.   To learn about our services and the opportunities for development available to you, please contact us at ERTDINFO@YU.EDU.  We hope you will come back often to learn about new programs and sponsored events.    

    Natasha Reid
    Associate Director, Talent Development
    Phone: 718-430-3348


    Office of the CHRO

    Resnick Campus, Belfer 1209

    Fax: 718-430-8542

    Wilf Campus, 90 Laurel Hill Terrace 
    Fax: 212-795-0834

    Yvonne M. Ramirez
    Chief Human Resources Officer


    Jacqueline Scott
    Executive Assistant
    Phone: 718-430-2544

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