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Courses in Political Science are grouped according to the four fields of the discipline.  Those numbered x1xx are courses in American Politcs; x2xx are in Comparative Politics; x3xx are in International Relations; and x4xx are in Political Theory. Courses numbered 1xxx are introductory level courses; 2xxx are electives, for which the introductory course is required; 3xxx are seminars that will usually have particular prerequisites and 4xxx courses are independent reading or research projects.

This licourse sting applies to Yeshiva College and to Stern College for Women. Courses given only at Stern College are so designated.

Pol 1201 Introduction to Comparative Politics

How should state systems be compared?  How should differences as well as similarities in development be explained? Why do some states fail? Case studies of select states. 

Pol 1501  Fundamentals of Political Science

Basic concepts and terminology of political science, the development of the state in historical and comparative perspective, political culture, political ideology, globalization and uneven political development. 

Pol 2156 Women and the Law

(course given at Stern College for Women)

Pol 2165  Women and Politics

(course given at Stern College for Women)

Pol Israeli Political Thought

Creating the “new Jew” through independent statehood, collective memory of Biblical Israel, the Diaspora and modern Israel and the political function of memory; mamlachtiyut; the evolution of Zionism.

Pol 4580 Senior Project

Required of all majors, the project entails the revision of a research paper of the student’s choosing in his area of concentration.