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All undergraduates must successfully complete two credit-bearing courses before graduation. The Wellness and Fitness course, PED 2112, is the cornerstone of the program; therefore, students are encouraged to select Wellness and Fitness as the first required course.

Since each student may register for only one PED course per semester, he should make every effort to complete the requirement as soon as possible, but certainly before his senior year.

No physical education course may be repeated for credit, with the exception of the courses that involve participation on a varsity team (baseball, basketball, cross-country, fencing, golf, soccer, tennis, volleyball and wrestling).

In all half-credit courses, the only grade assigned by the faculty is a P or F; in all one-credit courses, the only grade assigned is an A, P or F.

Physical education classes may require strenuous exertion and students are advised to take this into consideration when choosing a course.

If you, your parent or your physician believes that your health status precludes you from participating in any one of our courses, please contact the Director of Athletics Joe Bednarsh at 212.960.0015.