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Indexes and Databases
Music indexes and databases to which YC subscribes.

The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress
A mind-boggling collection documenting voices and music of many regional, ethnic, and cultural groups, in the United States and around the world.

Sheet Music Consortium
A group of libraries seeking to build an open collection of digitized sheet music.

The Lied and Art Songs Text Page
An archive of texts used in Lieder, other classical art songs, choral works, and other types of classical vocal music.


New York Public Library Internships 

Music Business Internships: Do’s and Don’t’s
From The Music Biz Academy.

Playbill Arts: Find a Job
Includes paid and unpaid internships.

Graduate Study

Graduate Programs in Music and Music/New Media
From Includes many schools in the New York area.

Music Schools in the United States
A Wikipedia category screen.


University of South Carolina Career Center
A listing of sites offering information about careers in various areas of music.

Music Careers
An information and community site aimed at helping individuals build a career in the music industry.

News and Organizations

Times Topics: Music
From the New York Times. Covers a variety of genres.

Music Organizations
A Wikipedia category screen.