Media Studies: 18 credits


ENG 2010 Interpreting Texts, an introduction to the discipline of literary studies, including film, music, and digital media.

Once course in Advanced Writing from the list below:

  • ENG 1095 Digital Writing/Multimodal Composing
  • ENG 1601 Topics in Journalism
  • ENG 1603 Writing for Media
  • ENG 1895 Screenwriting
  • ENG 1834 Multimedia Writing

One 2000 or 3000 level English course from below:

  • ENG 2963: Graphic Novels and Animations
  • ENG 3575: Approaches to Film
  • ENG 4552: The Book Unbound: The Past and Future of the Book

One related course from another discipline from the list below:

  • SOC 2104 Media & Society
  • HIST 2124: History of the Book
  • COMP 3571: Data Visualization**
  • JS XXXX: Israeli Life through Cinema
  • MAR 3318 Social Media Marketing**
  • MAR 3320 Digital Media Marketing
  • MAR 3323 Creative Advertising
  • ART Printmaking
  • ART Color and Design

**Students would need to complete the appropriate pre-requisites before taking these courses.

Two additional courses from any of the above categories, including up to two CORE courses from the list below. Note: these courses can count both for Core and the minor.

  • INTC 1001: Books on Books, Films on Films
  • INTC 1005: Parisian Views: Spectacle, Reality and the Invention of Mass Culture
  • ART/INTC 1019:  The Modernist Impulse in Art, Architecture and Design.
  • CUOT 10xx: Media Revolutions: From Scroll to Screen
  • ENG/COWC 1026: Face to Face: Modern Identities in Film

NOTE: With the exception of Cores, courses in majors or other minors will not double count for this minor. Students would need to take additional courses in their majors and/or minors to complete the required number.