Media Studies Courses

Media Studies draws from courses across disciplines, including English, History, Sociology, Marketing and Computer Science. Students choose electives based on their interest and focus. This is a partial list that will be regularly updated.

ENG 2010 Interpreting Texts.

ENG 1095 Digital Writing/Multimodal Composing

ENG 1601 Topics in Journalism

ENG 1603 Writing for Media

ENG 1895 Screenwriting

ENG 1834 Multimedia Writing

ENG 2963: Graphic Novels and Animations

ENG 3575: Approaches to Film

ENG 4552: The Book Unbound: The Past and Future of the Book

SOC 2104 Media & Society

HIST 2124: History of the Book

COMP 3571: Data Visualization (prerequisites required)

MAR 3318 Social Media Marketing (prerequisites required)

MAR 3320 Digital Media Marketing (prerequisites required)

MAR 3323 Creative Advertising (prerequisites required)

ART Printmaking

ART Color and Design

INTC 1001: Books on Books, Films on Films

INTC 1005: Parisian Views: Spectacle, Reality and the Invention of Mass Culture

ART/INTC 1019:  The Modernist Impulse in Art, Architecture and Design.

CUOT 10xx: Media Revolutions: From Scroll to Screen

ENG/COWC 1026: Face to Face: Modern Identities in Film