This page includes resources relevant to the study of Yiddish and Arabic. For resources related to French, Classical Languages and Spanish, please visit the individual program sites.

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What is Yiddish?
From the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, this screen includes links to Yiddish resources, newsgroups, radio programs, and more.

Yiddish Resources
An ample list of links maintained by Raphael Finkel, a professor at the University of Kentucky.

Near Eastern, Islamic and Arabic Studes
From the Yale University Library. Includes links to language resources, software, overseas Arabic study programs, and more.

YU has a premium subscription. Please contact the Career Development Center for details.

Arabic-related Resources
From Middlebury College.

Graduate Study

Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies 

Yiddish Institutes and Programs
Maintained by a University of Kentucky professor, this screen lists degree programs, yearly events, and more.

Near and Middle Eastern Language, Literature, and Studies


The National Security Agency: Foreign Languages
The NSA is particularly interested in individuals proficient in Arabic and other Middle Eastern languages.

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
From Indiana University, discusses careers open to speakers of Arabic.

News and Organizations

Published weekly in New York, founded in 1897.

Near Eastern, Islamic, and Arabic News Media
From the Yale University Library.

Middle East Association
A non-political association that fosters the study of the Middle East. Includes lists of affiliated organizations and professional resources.