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This page includes information on Yiddish and Arabic courses at Yeshiva College. For information on classes in French, Classical Languages and Spanish, please visit the individual program sites.


Instruction in Yiddish at Yeshiva University is supported and enriched through the generosity of the Anna and Harry Singer Endowed Fund for Yiddish Studies and the Atran Foundation.

YID 1101, 1102 Elementary Yiddish
3 credits

Introduction to the written and oral language, including basic vocabulary, grammar, composition, and conversation; Yiddish as the vernacular of Ashkenazic Jewry; simple literary and traditional texts.

YID 1201, 1202 Intermediate Yiddish
3 credits

Continuation of study of grammar, composition, and conversation; history of Yiddish and its literature; readings from traditional and modern texts. Prerequisite: YID 1101, YID 1102 or equivalent.


SEM 5111, 5112 Elementary Arabic
3 credits

Introduction to the grammar and syntax of classical and modern literary Arabic.

SEM 5113 Elementary Arabic-Concentrated
3 credits

A one-semester version of Elementary Arabic.

SEM 5121, 5122, 5123 Intermediate Arabic
3 credits

Selections from classical texts, with continued study of elements of Arabic grammar.

SEM 5111, 5112, 5113 Elementary Literary Arabic

SEM 5121, 5122 Intermediate Literary Arabic