Total Credits: 33

Required courses: HIST 1101, HIST 1102, plus 27 additional HIST credits, of which six credits must be in U.S. and three in non-Western history. Courses that cover both the U.S. and the non-Western world may be counted either as U.S. or as non-Western history, but not as both. With the permission of the departmental advisor, up to 6 credits in Jewish history (in excess of those used to meet Jewish studies distribution requirement) may count toward the major. 

We strongly recommend all majors/minors do the following:

  • Take HIST 1101 and HIST 1102 in the first, but no later than the second, year of study.
  •  Meet with a department faculty member to discuss their 4-year plan to complete the History major/minor.

Exit requirement: Either a 25-page paper, which counts as a three-credit course toward the major (HIST 4001) or successful completion of one or another of the two capstone courses (HIST 3001, 3002), which will be offered in alternate years. Any student wishing to write a senior paper should consult with a faculty adviser.

The Department encourages its students to master at least one language in addition to English and Hebrew. Knowledge of the relevant language is virtually essential for senior thesis research on many topics in the history of Europe or the non-western world. It is also essential for M.A. and PhD programs in History.

Total Credits: 18

Required courses: HIST 1101, HIST 1102, plus 12 additional HIST credits, of which three credits must be in American History.

With permission of the Department, up to 3 credits must be in Jewish History (in excess of those used to meet the Jewish Studies distribution requirement) may be counted toward the minor.

A maximum of 3 AP History credits with a score of 4 or 5 may apply toward the History major.