We recognize that not all students arrive at Yeshiva College or Sy Syms School of Business with the same knowledge of Hebrew. Some students may know enough Hebrew to be exempt from Advanced Hebrew 1 (Hebrew 1305) and some may also know enough to be exempt from Advanced Hebrew 2 (Hebrew 1306). To be exempted from these courses, students take exemption tests.

It is also possible to be exempted from one or both courses by means of the Bechina Yerushalmit.

The Bechinah Yerushalmit (Jerusalem Examination)

The Bechinah Yerushalmit is only awarded credit if taken before the student graduated high school.

If you began studies at the Wilf Campus on or after January 2011, the following policy adopted by the Yeshiva College Curriculum Committee on October 2010 applies:
1. A student who receives 75% through 84% on the Jerusalem Exam scaled score (including both sections) will receive 3 credits for the Jerusalem Exam. These 3 credits will be listed at the beginning of the transcript as transfer credit and will be recorded as “HEBR ELEC Hebrew Elective – 3 credits”. Additionally, the student is required to take the regular Placement Exam. These tests are administered by the Hebrew Department at Orientation.  

2. In addition to receiving the aforementioned credits for “HEBR ELEC Hebrew Elective – 3 credits,” students who score 85% and higher on the Jerusalem Exam scaled score are automatically exempt from one semester of the Hebrew requirement   They do NOT have to take the Placement Test, but they are required to take one semester of Hebrew - either Advanced Hebrew I (Hebrew 1305) or Advanced Hebrew II (Hebrew 1306).  (To be placed directly into HEB 1306 the student would need to pass the 1305 exemption test.)  They may attempt the 1306 Exemption Test if they wish to be exempted from the requirement to take any Hebrew course. These tests are administered by the Hebrew Department at Orientation.  

3. Students who wish to receive credit for the Jerusalem Exam should submit to the registrar the documents issues by the WZO Jerusalem Exam office to determine the scaled score. The registrar will also forward a copy of the document for those students who scored 85% and above to the Hebrew Program Coordinator.

Policy on Transfer Credits

The Hebrew Department encourages students to take advantage of the many excellent Ulpanim in Israel, as well as similar programs in the US. The following rules govern credit for such programs. Students must consult with the Academic Advising office to arrange for this credit.

Students who complete Level DALET or above of the Hebrew University Ulpan with a grade of 80% or higher will receive 3 Hebrew elective credits.

Other Ulpan or University programs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please bring a detailed course description or syllabus to the Academic Advising Office.

Hebrew Major

Beyond HEB 1305-1306 students must take the following courses:

Biblical Hebrew and Post Biblical Hebrew (HEB 1321-1322)

Conversational Hebrew and Advanced Conversational Hebrew (HEB 1409-1410)

Advanced Hebrew Writing: Exposition (HEB 1419)

Students must also take 3 additional HEB electives numbered 2000 and above.
Total: 24 credits in HEB courses above 1306.

In addition to the formal major in Hebrew, Jewish studies majors may also concentrate in that field.  Jewish Studies at Yeshiva College is organized as a cluster that includes programs in Bible, Hebrew, Jewish History and Jewish Philosophy and Thought. A student majoring in Jewish Studies may choose a concentration in any of these programs. See the description of the Jewish studies major.

Hebrew Minor

12 credits in HEB courses above 1306.

If you are interested in majoring or minoring in Hebrew, contact Professor Samuel Schneider, whose office is in Furst Hall 226, telephone 212.960.5400 x6859.

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