open bible on table


Joshua Karlip 

The study of Tanakh is central to Judaism. At Yeshiva College, this is a multidimensional discipline.

It begins with an effort to understand the Bible in its historical context, as illuminated by the history of the Ancient Near East and its linguistic and physical culture. It continues, however, with the study of the Bible as it has been read and interpreted throughout Jewish history, from second temple texts to the rabbis of the Talmud to the classical medieval commentators, down to the present.

The Bible and its interpretative afterlife have much to contribute to our understanding of the many ways in which Jews and Jewish texts have interacted with the rest of the world, from biblical through modern times.

Yeshiva College students are uniquely suited and uniquely challenged to explore these issues, to study Tanakh intensively while bringing to bear the breadth of knowledge gained from liberal arts education. The Yeshiva College Bible faculty, immersed in traditional approaches and trained in contemporary scholarship, brings these mutually enriching aspects of the study of Tanakh together in a fashion rarely available elsewhere.