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Project Green Tree

Congratulations to our Project Green Tree Winners! 

Various trees have been "adopted" by Wurzweiler as part of our “green” initiative, as the official “adopted trees” of The Forest—designated trees our faculty, staff and students are saving as a result of the continuing "greening" of our School. The winning photographs were selected from those submitted to Project Green Tree by Wurzweiler students. 

Click on the links below to see the winning photographs.

Summer 2015 Winners (PDF)

Spring 2015 Winners (PDF)

Summer 2014 Winners (PDF)

Spring 2014 Winners (PDF)

Summer 2013 Winners (PDF)

Spring 2013 winners (PDF)

Summer 2012 winners (PDF) 

Spring 2012 winners (PDF) 

Summer 2011 winners (PDF)

Spring 2011 winners (PDF)


Announcing the Project Green Tree Contest for Spring 2016:

Ready to make a difference?

Help us build our virtual forest and promote our efforts to become “greener” everyday at Wurzweiler! You could become a part of Wurzweiler history and win a valuable prize.

Take a photo of a tree and we might “adopt” your tree as part of The Forest!!! Plus—you could win a great prize!


Take a photo of a tree. Any tree. Anywhere. The photo must be original—one that you personally took within the last year---and it can be of any kind of tree. The photo must be of the tree only and have no people or signs/logos in it at all, in color and cannot be the property of anyone else.

Email the photo by the deadline below to In your email include the following information:

·         Your name

·         Your email address and telephone number

·         A name that you are giving to your tree. The more creative and fun the better (you could call the tree “Norm” or you could make up a fun scientific  name—it’s up to you).

·         The location of the tree (i.e. Staten Island, Boston, etc)

Wait to see if you win! Photographs will be judged by Wurzweiler staff and decisions are final. Winners will be subjectively judged based on a combination of photographic excellence, image quality, creativity/originality and the visual “personality” of the tree, and judges will not be aware of the identity of the photographer until judging is completed. Wurzweiler retains the option to select fewer than three winners if submissions are inadequate. Submission of your photograph implies a permission of unrestricted perpetual use by Wurzweiler regardless of winning.


The winning  photographs will be featured on the Wurzweiler website as part of our “green” initiative as the official “adopted trees” of The Forest. The winning trees will be announced at Common Day .

The winners will each receive valuable prize(s) and the distinguished honor of being a part of Wurzweiler history.

Good luck and happy photographing!



1. Enter one photograph per person. Please do not submit multiple photos.

2. Only currently enrolled Wurzweiler Block Students and PhD students may enter

3. The photograph you enter must be one you have personally taken and you must own the copyright. It must be a photo of an actual tree, not a photograph of another photograph.

4. There cannot be any people in the photo and it must be in color and maximum possible quality/resolution. Please try to show the entire tree if possible.

5. Email the photo no later than March 1, 2016 to along with your name, the location of the photo and a name you are giving to the tree. Photos received after the deadline will not be considered.

6.  Submission of the photo implies you give permission for Wurzweiler to display the photo and its information online and in the School for as long as Wurzweiler decides to, if you are a winner

7. There will be no more than 3 photos selected, but Wurzweiler reserves the right to select less than 3 winners. The decision is subjective and final, and made without knowing of identities of the submitting students.

8. Winning photographs will be announced at Common Day.  Winners will each be given a prize of value.