Professional Resources

Useful Resources

National Association of Social Workers
Our national professional society. Become a member and get involved on any level you can.

The New Social Worker Online
An online magazine for social workers. Lots of useful links!

Council on Social Work Education
The organization that determines the social work curriculum and certifies academic programs.

Information for Practice
Interesting current journal articles about social work from around the world.

NASW—New York City Chapter
Our local chapter. Publishes a great newspaper and offers terrific networking and continuing education opportunities.

Society for Social Work and Research
Dedicated to the advancement of social work research.

Help Starts Here
A great site to begin the investigation of any social work topic (for clients, agency practice, school papers—or simply your own curiosity).
Raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps university students stay drug-free.
Promotes better health on university campuses.
Shares career paths at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels as well as employment opportunities in New York and nationwide.