Dr. Daniel Pollack

Dr Pollack

We want to bring your attention to a forthcoming book, Domestic Abuse, Child Custody, and Visitation: Winning in Family Court (Oxford University Press, 2017).

When domestic abuse and children are involved, divorce and custody can be the epitome of high-stakes conflict and frustration and all too frequently protective parents lose custody of their child to a named abuser. This book helps mental health professionals, attorneys, and lay readers navigate the judicial process so that decisions are truly made in the best interest of children. It reveals how all the puzzle pieces of the judicial process fit together -- judges, attorneys, mental health experts, children, spouses -- and how to overcome many of the obstacles they will confront along the way.

We hope you enjoy reading it! Here is the link.

Check out Dr. Daniel Pollack's latest publication.
“Legal resources for human services agencies serving Native American clients”
Congratulation to Dr. Daniel Pollack on the publication of 3 articles.
American Bar Association’s Child Law Practice: Deciding when to assign separate counsel for public human service agency co-defendants.
Policy & Practice: A-Z responses to a class action lawsuit against a public human service agency and Foster care applicants with criminal background histories.

Dr. Matthew Cuellar

Matthew Cuellar

Social Work Research has accepted a paper by Dr. Matthew Cuellar for publication.
Social Work Research is a professional journal concentrated on advancing the development of knowledge and informing social work practice. It is one of the chief outlets for primary research articles in social work and social welfare. As a repository for an evolving body of knowledge, the journal makes an important contribution to the quality of educational materials and social work practice.

Forrest-Bank, S. & Cuellar, M. J. (in press).The Mediating Effects of Ethnic Identity on the Relationships between Racial Microaggression and Psychological Well-Being. Social Work Research. The article explores the mediation of ethnic identity on the effects of experienced microaggression on a number of outcomes pertinent to adolescence and young adulthood.

Dr. Matthew Cuellar has had several abstracts accepted to the 2017 Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference:

Cuellar, M. J., Orme, J. G., Auerbach, C., & Zeitlin, W. (2017, January). Analyzing Multilevel Models with R. Workshop presented at the Annual Meeting for Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR). New Orleans, Louisiana.
Cuellar, M. J. (2017, January). Introductory Statistics and Basic Graphs Using R. Symposium presented at the Annual Meeting for Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR). New Orleans, Louisiana.
Cuellar, M. J., Theriot, M. T., & Elswick, S. E. (2017, January). School Social Workers and School Security: Implications for Improving the Development of Today's Youth. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting for Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR). New Orleans, Louisiana.

This year's Society for Social Work and Research Annual Conference will take place in New Orleans, LA, January 11-15, 2017 and will feature the theme "Ensure Healthy Development for all Youth." The SSWR Annual Conference offers a scientific program that reflects a broad range of research interests, from workshops on the latest quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to symposia featuring studies in child welfare, aging, mental health, welfare reform, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS. Drs. Auerbach, Cuellar, and Mason will be presenting at this prestigious conference.

Sari Skolnik

Sari Skolnik

Congrats to Sari Skolnik on her first publication, A Synergistic Union: Group Work Meets Psychodrama. This article focuses on the synergistic relationship between group work and psychodrama. Group work and psychodrama each have a separate comprehensive knowledge base and practice skills. Both of these group approaches view the individual group members as the primary vehicles to promote change. Both methods also strive to promote spontaneity and creativity within the group. This article provides examples of the convergence of group work and psychodrama as well as areas where each approach could be enhanced by the knowledge base of the other. Case examples are used to illustrate how the merging of both can create a synergy that can benefit both professionals and their clients.

Dr. Richard Caputo

Dr Caputo

Check out the great writeup about Wurzweiler's own Dr. Caputo in BIEN, Basic Income Earth Network.

The story highlights his involvement with the Basic Income Earth Network since he first came to know of it in 2002 and his thoughts about the Universal Basic Income Guarantee, an idea seems to be getting a high profile these days - Finland is currently poised to introduce a version for unemployed workers. Per Dr. Caaputo,"On occasion I raise the topic in some of my policy classes, generating spirited reactions, whether for or against."

Maria Zuluago

Maria Zuluago, a WSSW Phd candidate, has had an article published in the Winter 2017 edition of the New Social Workers Digital Edition.
Maria,has worked in addictions and mental health for more than two decades. In 2016, she received a Master’s in Addiction Counseling from the National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals.

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