Policy Manual

The Policy Manual for Concurrent, PEP, Block, and ClergyPlans (PDF) is an important source of information about the school's policies. Among other information, this is where you'll find policies and procedures pertaining to academic requirements, the classroom, grading, attendance, comportment, change of status and faculty concerns about student abilities. As our policies and procedures have become more detailed and comprehensive over time, we attempt to include them in one document that can be easily referenced.

Field Instruction Manual

The Field Instruction Manual  (PDF) for our concurrent, PEP, Block and Clergy plans describes the educational process in the field experience, discussing in particular the nature and structure of supervision students will receive from their field instructor at their field placement agency. Descriptive information is provided about the faculty adviser role with the student, including academic advisement and field advisement.

Student PhD Handbook

PhD Student Handbook (PDF) is intended primarily as a source of information for doctoral students.

All manuals shown above are ''living documents'' in that changes to them are anticipated as new policies and procedures are developed. While the manuals state policies and procedures currently operative and are intended as a source of information for students, faculty and field instructors, the school reserves the right to change policy and procedures without prior notice and to notify all parties of such changes.


Canvas Support Instructions

For ongoing Canvas support, please refer to these instructions. For course specific inquiries, please contact your instructor.


CSWE Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS)

The CSWE Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards are standards under which Wurzweiler School of Social Work is accredited. We expect all students to strive to comply fully with the EPAS.

NASW Code of Ethics

Additionally, the National Association of Social Workers has published its own  Code of Ethics (PDF) and  cultural competence standards (PDF) that we encourage all students to familiarize themselves with.

Criteria for Grading Papers

Paper Grading Policies are available in Wurzweiler's Guidelines for Grading Papers.