About Care Cafe

About Care Cafe

We don’t just want to help you survive, we want to help you thrive

Wurzweiler Care Cafe offers tools and hope to help you better negotiate challenges and move towards your full potential. Our respectful, responsive presentations and sensitive support empower you for healing and growth. Delivered in a friendly, comfortable cafe environment—full of good food plus great take-away resources and referrals—these strengths-based events fill your cup with practical know-how and emotional support around the issues that concern you most.

The Care Cafe unites a psycho-educational perspective with an encouraging message, emotionally supportive methods, resource connections and functional assistance. We do this through free workshops and presentations on topics relating to the human condition, and by providing participants with researched referral information. All Wurzweiler Care Cafe events operate with one caveat: they must leave attendees with hope for healing and transformation, as well as practical information about where they can get help.

The Care Cafes are “roving,” in order to serve a wide geographical area and tailor our offerings to diverse constituencies. Venues provide intimate cafe settings and light refreshments are served.

Hana Frankl, Program Director at Wurzweiler, is leading the cafes with a dedicated staff of MSW students who are managing the logistics, coordinating guests, and providing research about each topic.

Wurzweiler Care Cafe is possible due to the sponsorship and support of New York City Councilmen Ydanis Rodriguez and Chaim Deutsch, both of whom share our belief in the importance of community outreach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wurzweiler Care Cafe? 
Free community outreach presentation events, plus connection with targeted resources and referrals.

Who does Wurzweiler Care Cafe serve? 
Individuals, families and communities seeking free learning, informal support, resources and referrals. Topics are chosen to match presenter partners’ priority concerns for their communities. Some events specifically address veteran and military family needs.

What is the Setting for Care Cafe?
We offer Care Cafes in small, comfortable settings where presenter and audience can easily interact and connect. Audience size for most Care Cafes will not exceed 50.

Who produces Wurzweiler Care Cafe?
Wurzweiler Care Cafe is a grant-funded program produced and staffed by Wurzweiler School of Social Work, in collaboration with community partners.

Who is invited to present at Wurzweiler Care Cafe?
Dynamic, engaging, knowledgeable, skilled, sensitive experts who can inform, motivate, empower and nurture hope around pressing psychosocial challenges and solutions.