When tutors are hired in the Writing Center, they begin a training process that involves familiarizing themselves with the Writing Center Handbook. New tutors then observe tutoring sessions between clients and senior tutors, reflecting on their experiences with fellow staff members. The Beren Writing Center conducts monthly staff development meetings to continually foster dialogue amongst tutors to share their successes and struggles in an ongoing process of learning. If you are interested in applying to be a tutor at the Beren Writing Center, please review our tutor application and submit your materials to Director Dr. Joy Ladin and Coordinator Gina Grimaldi. 

Writing Center tutors are available to help you generate writing ideas, refine your rough drafts, or simply have a conversation about writing. Writing Center tutors not only support fellow student writers, but they are also prolific writers themselves.

Meet our current tutors!

Zoe Abboudi is in her second year at Stern College, working on a double major in Computer Science and Judaic Studies. She enjoys her occasional train rides home to the suburbs of Philadelphia, but finds she spends most of her free time exploring New York City. Zoe has long had an interest in writing and hopes that the opportunity to work in the writing center will be a major outlet for her amidst her otherwise physics-oriented semester. Zoe is looking forward to discussing paper topics and writing technics with students, but is also available to exchange adventure stories from the big city.

Sarah Casteel is in her final year at Stern and is double majoring in Political Science and English Literature. Hailing from St. Louis, Sarah has finally accepted her place as a NYC resident -- but she will never reclaim her love for the Red Sox, so don't even try! She spends her time outside of school working in politics, working for an a cappella group, hanging out with friends, and using the free massage chairs at her gym.  You can find her spending too much money on books at the Strand, sitting in a dog park, or being the most frequent customer at Chop Chop.  Sarah is a Senior Tutor and can't wait to see you around the Writing Center!

Shoshy Ciment likes to write things. She does this profusely as the managing editor of the YU Commentator and as a freelancer for various outlets. When not writing her own things, she enjoys helping other people write, hence her position in the writing center. She’s majoring in journalism with hopes to get paid to write things in the future. That would be cool.

Lilly Gelman is a senior from Houston, Texas majoring in English and minoring in Biology. Between soccer practices, Lilly works as a senior editor for both the YU Commentator and Perspective Magazine and serves as a committee chair on Yeshiva University’s National Model United Nations. Lilly is looking forward to getting to know some of the Stern students through her sessions, and hopes to see you in the Writing Center soon.

Rochel Hirsch is a senior from Passaic, New Jersey. She is majoring in history and Jewish studies and is pursuing a joint BA/MA at Revel. Rochel spent the summer studying Jewish and political thought at the Tikvah Fellowship for college students. In her spare time, she enjoys coordinating a book club, hiking in the Palisades, and doodling on all her notes.

Michelle Naim is a second year student at Stern College for Women. She is majoring in English Journalism and minoring in philosophy. In addition to working as a writing center tutor, Michelle is a staff writer for the YU Commentator, and editor for Perspective magazine, and Editor-in-Chief of Kol Hamevaser. In her free time, she enjoys running and reading.

Kira Paley is a senior majoring in English Literature, but much to her own chagrin, is pursuing a career in medicine. When she’s not tutoring in the Writing Center, Kira can be found eating second lunch/second dinner in the caf, discreetly watching Arrested Development during class, or napping on the intercampus shuttle. In addition to serving her institution as a tutor, Kira is the Editor-in-Chief of The YU Observer, the president of the Intercampus Council, the Vice President of the Active Minds Club, and a YUNMUN committee chair. Though she has yet to tweet once, Kira is looking to increase her presence on Twitter, so follow her at @Kira_Paley for a good time; when she does start tweeting, you won’t want to miss it.

Ellie Parker is a proud Southerner from Atlanta, Georgia. Having survived her first year on campus, she is excited about encouraging her fellow peers to do the same, despite final research papers. When she isn’t in the writing center, Ellie enjoys writing for the YU Commentator and Perspective magazine as well as playing basketball. Ellie cannot wait to get to know the various writing center frequenters and hopes she can be of service!

Alyssa Wruble is a senior from Memphis, Tennessee majoring in Political Economy. Other than working in the Writing Center, she is the President of the YU chapter of UAID, a public health club, and works as a chair at YU’s Model United Nations. She enjoys reading, baking, and watching college basketball.