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When tutors are hired in the Writing Center, they begin a training process that involves familiarizing themselves with the Writing Center Handbook. New tutors then observe tutoring sessions between clients and senior tutors, reflecting on their experiences with fellow staff members. The Beren Writing Center conducts monthly staff development meetings to continually foster dialogue amongst tutors to share their successes and struggles in an ongoing process of learning. If you are interested in applying to be a tutor at the Beren Writing Center, please review our "Tutor Application Procedures" and submit your materials to Director Dr. Joy Ladin and Sierra Tavasolian

Writing Center tutors are available to help you generate writing ideas, refine your rough drafts, or simply have a conversation about writing. Writing Center tutors not only support fellow student writers, but they are also prolific writers themselves.To learn more about individual Beren Writing Center tutors, take a look at our tutor bios below.


Aviva Cantor

Aviva Cantor is a sophomore at Stern majoring in psychology and trying to complete pre-med requirements. At least that’s the plan for today, since she would like to pursue a career in Psychiatry. Although originally from Queens, Aviva was raised in the relatively-unknown Hillside, NJ, which is actually only a 27-minute train ride from Manhattan. She enjoys watching movies and spending time with her formally-stray-made-semi-house-cat Milky. Aviva is excited to be joining the Beren Writing Center and is looking forward to helping you improve your writing skills!    


Ilana Greenberg

After surviving English Composition and Rhetoric last semester, Ilana is officially ready to take on tutoring at the Beren Writing Center. She was born and bred in Seattle, Washington, a place unknown to the many who ask, "how close do you live to the White House?" Ilana loves hiking, biking, cooking and, of course, writing. Ilana looks forward to working with the students at Stern and she is very excited for this opportunity!

Elana Kaminetsky

Elana Kaminetsky is from Boca Raton, Florida. She is in her Junior year and while she is majoring in Math, she is interested in almost every other major at Stern. In fact, she has a draw in her desk of all the major and minor fact sheets just in case. She particularly has an interest in neuroscience and she is considering a minor in psychology. In her spare time, she loves to run, play basketball, and chill. Elana has always enjoyed writing and she is very much looking forward to working in the writing center.

Ahava Muskat

Ahava Muskat is a junior at Stern College. She is majoring in Biology (the molecular and cellular concentration). She attended Stella K. Abraham H.S for Girls and Shaalvim for Women. She loves traveling,  baking and taking long walks on the beach. While Ahava loves biology and wants to pursue a career in medicine, she has always loved writing and is looking  forward to exploring the writing process with Stern students.

Makena Owens

Makena Owens is a Media Studies major with minors in Business and Graphic Design. She comes from the Pacific Northwest where she is surrounded by clean water, fresh air, and people who genuinely ask her how her day is going.  After working at the Writing Center for one semester, Makena realized that her motto is this: you must always be willing to change.  She believes writing is a journey in which students are most successful when they can abandon their original ideas in order to pursue another idea that is even better.  She is looking forward to hearing the great thoughts that her peers will bring to the Writing Center this year.

Sarala Pool

Senior Tutor

Sara(la) Pool has embarked on a quest to conquer the realm they call college. She has stepped down from her door into the road that goes ever on and on, and it has swept her away through the Mountains of Studio Art. She bravely faces the trials and tribulations of studying and academic writing with chocolate and carefully planned scheduling at her defense. She hopes that she can assist other travelers as they rest their weary feet at the Writing Center Haven.


Sara Rozner

Senior Tutor

Sara is a Senior at Stern with too many academic ambitions for her college career. Fueled by an abundance of coffee and strange sugar-free crackers made out of seeds, she attempts to recast herself as a person who makes deadlines, and to balance her schoolwork with her many extracurricular pursuits. A Psychology and Judaic Studies major, Sara spends much of her free time either cooking exciting dinners or writing in her journal and spacing out on her family’s red porch swing. Sara has loved tutoring in the writing center for the past two years, and is so excited to take a more active role there this year as a senior tutor!

Racheli Schuraytz

A native of Valley Village (the valley outside of Los Angeles), Racheli is thoroughly enjoying her second year at Stern… even though she still adjusting to the concept of real seasons.  She enjoys learning just about anything new, as long as it does not require working out advanced math or computer science problems.  Racheli loves most things cultural of the 19th century, ranging from newspapers and opera to museums and historical fiction novels.  When not worried about choosing a future between non-profit programming, medicine, or education, Racheli can be found at any number (and sometimes all) of the wonderful activities on campus.  Her most frequent stops are Bavli Ba’Erev, the Stern College Dramatic Society, and Shabb@Stern.  Racheli is truly looking forward to spending time exchanging ideas with fellow Stern students at the Beren Writing Center, and she hopes one of them will be you!

Cayley Stark

Hailing from Atlanta, Cayley is a junior majoring in English Literature and minoring in Biology. When she isn’t in the Writing Center, you can find her baking challah with Challah for Hunger, running along the East River, or at Starbucks with a grande iced caramel latte. Cayley loves Stern and likes to get involved in any way possible. She is so excited to help the women of Stern College find their voices as writers!