When tutors are hired in the Writing Center, they begin a training process that involves familiarizing themselves with the Writing Center Handbook. New tutors then observe tutoring sessions between clients and senior tutors, reflecting on their experiences with fellow staff members. The Beren Writing Center conducts monthly staff development meetings to continually foster dialogue amongst tutors to share their successes and struggles in an ongoing process of learning. If you are interested in applying to be a tutor at the Beren Writing Center, please review our tutor application and submit your materials to Director Dr. Joy Ladin and Coordinator Gina Grimaldi. 

Writing Center tutors are available to help you generate writing ideas, refine your rough drafts, or simply have a conversation about writing. Writing Center tutors not only support fellow student writers, but they are also prolific writers themselves.

Meet our current tutors!

Shayna Herszage is originally from Columbus, Ohio. She is studying Psychology(Neuroscience Track) and English(Creative Writing Track), and she loves finding ways to combine the two whenever she can. In her spare time, Shayna likes to watch plays around the city, read, and write. However, “spare time” is more of a theoretical idea, because, when she is not in class or doing homework, she is usually busy as an editor for The Observer, editor-in-chief of The Breather, and co-president of the Jewish Activism Club. She is so excited to help people and learn through their writing!

Ellie Parker is a proud Southerner from Atlanta, Georgia. Having survived her two years on campus, she is excited about encouraging her fellow peers to do the same, despite final research papers. When she isn’t in the writing center, Ellie enjoys serving as a features editor for the YU Observer as well as playing basketball. Ellie cannot wait to get to know the various writing center frequenters and hopes she can be of service!

Sara Verschleisser is a History major pursuing a career in medicine. In addition to working in the writing center, she is generally busy as president of the Martial Arts Club, the YU on Organ Donation Club, and SURGE.  She comes from Silver Spring, MD and greatly misses all of the nature, so she maintains an enormous number of house plants. She loves all manners of learning and can't wait to explore your paper topics with you!

Daniella Well is pursuing a degree in biology at Stern. After the completion of her undergraduate career, she plans to attend law school. She is from Chicago, attended Ida Crown Jewish Academy for high school, and spent a gap year studying in Jerusalem at  Midreshet Harova before coming to Stern. Her favorite thing to do when she needs a break from studying schoolwork is cooking and watching reruns of Friends on Netflix. She loves to read, she loves to write, and her all-time favorite book is The Great Gatsby!