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Yeshiva University undergraduate students are eligible to participate in the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund 2018 Scholarship Competition. The competition is only open to “member schools” . Eligible students may participate in a case study competition.. Please contact Syms Advising,Melanie Zuckerman (melanie.zuckerman@yu.edu) or Prof. Traci Tullius for more information. This year a Sy Syms student Kayla Grab was among the winners!

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Syms School of Business and Alumni Affairs Announce New Networking Platform

To ensure that you continue to benefit from your Sy Syms education throughout your professional life, we are proud to introduce YU Business Connect—the official networking platform for the Sy Syms School, which will enable you to:

  • Reconnect—find classmates, see what they have been up to and stay in touch
  • Give back—introduce, employ and be a mentor to fellow Syms graduates
  • Expand—leverage your professional network to get introduced to people you should know
  • Get ahead—Advance your career through inside connections working in top companies and access to exclusive opportunities. You can sign up in less than two minutes by importing your Linkedin or Facebook profile.
Blogs, Newsletters and More
  • The Observer (student newspaper of Sy Syms School of Business and Stern College for Women)
  • The Commentator (student newspaper of Sy Syms School of Business and Yeshiva College)
  • Faculty News blog (for the latest news about our illustrious faculty)
  • YU News (for the latest news about Yeshiva University)
  • Marcos and Adina Katz YU Torah Online (shiurim [lectures] by Yeshiva University roshei yeshiva [professors of Talmud] and other Torah lights, including students and alumnae of Stern College for Women)
  • WYUR (the student-run radio station of Yeshiva University)
Student Clubs

Always evolving and expanding, student clubs at  Sy Syms School of Business show our community at its best.

Our students take the initiative in developing their skills and professional know-how—both inside and outside the classroom. They keep up with cutting-edge advances in their fields, and they bring to campus business leaders who are glad to share their insights and expertise with up-and-coming stars of commerce.

Sy Syms Student Council—women

Sy Syms Student Council—men