Sy Syms School of Business Executive MBA

The Sy Syms School of Business Executive MBA program is dedicated to building a learning community from which the next generation of great business leaders will emerge. We offer you the business knowledge you need to know how to succeed, in the context of the highest ethical ideals, in a unique way that only Yeshiva University can deliver.

Preparing You for the Business World of Today and Tomorrow

The Syms EMBA curriculum was developed to challenge students to hone their business expertise in a way that prepares them to achieve their current and future professional goals.

Whether you are a corporate marketing director wanting to conquer global markets or an entrepreneur wanting to understand local ones, our general management tools fit together, enabling you to become more effective in your career.

Our students come from wide-ranging professional backgrounds in finance, marketing, nonprofit, sales and technology, and they benefit from small, personalized classes; outstanding faculty; and an extensive, accomplished alumni network. Add our study abroad component, which takes students overseas to witness firsthand business practices in emerging economic countries, and you have a unique graduate education experience.

Students earn their EMBA over two years, attending classes on Sundays at our midtown campus, with several of the courses including both in-person and online learning.