Energy Programs

The Office of Energy & Sustainability is working hard to lower the University's Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Usage overall. With the help of the state and city incentives, we have worked and are working on many new and exciting projects. See below a list of different campuses and what has been going on each of them as well as energy projects being discussed.

Energy projects in discussion

  • Solar Initiative with solar uptown now campaign
  • Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) is the use of a heat engine or power station to generate electricity and useful heat at the same time.
  • Device level electricity consumption data wirelessly in real time
  • Updated BMS or building management system.
  • Boiler and wireless thermostat control/monitoring system in Wilf Campus dorms

Beren and Cardozo Campuses

  • Lighting efficiency upgrades in multiple buildings as part of the Con Edison Targeted Peak Load Reduction Program.
  • Lighting and Controls Upgrades. Co-funded with a NYSERDA/ARRA grant.
  • Cardozo’s central HVAC equipment replaced with updated high efficiency units. NYSERDA incentives received.

Additional lighting efficiency planned for

  • Cardozo

Ferkauf School of Psychology

  • Lighting fixture upgrade project using Con Ed incentive

Wilf Campus

Lighting efficiency upgrades in the following buildings that received Con Ed Incentives.

  • Glueck Educational Center
  • Zysman Hall
  • Morgenstern Hall
  • Gottesman Library
  • Rubin Hall and the pool area

Fuel Switching—converting central heating plants in four buildings from #4 oil to cleaner burning natural gas.

Additional lighting efficiency planned for:

  • Muss Hall
  • Furst Hall
  • Belfer Hall

Queens Campus

  • Central High School – Lighting efficiency upgrades done building wide