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  • Why Give to Yeshiva University?

    Yeshiva University has a special dual purpose in the world.

    As a university, we do everything a top-tier university does to provide its students with an outstanding education and a superb preparation for life.

    As a Jewish university, we also follow the principle of Torah Umadda, which commands us to blend the ancient and modern wisdoms into all that we teach and do.

    Since 1886, Yeshiva University has created a national and international network of of Jewish leaders noted for their competence, competitiveness and commitment. Our graduates become leading rabbis, scholars, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, heads of Jewish communal organizations, and teachers at day schools and yeshivot throughout the world.

    No other educational organization has done as much as Yeshiva University to strengthen the Jewish community and ensure that Jewish values sustain the world.

    To give to YU, you can click here, which will take you to a secure transaction site. To learn more about the different ways to give, to ask questions or to speak to someone who can give you more specific information, contact or 212.960.0863.