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    Undergraduate scholarships constitute Yeshiva University's top institutional priority.

    • Scholarship support is essential if Yeshiva University is to achieve and sustain excellence at the undergraduate level, remain affordable and competitive, and continue its historic mission. Scholarships make is possible for talented students from the United States and across the world who are motivated to become the next generation of Jewish leaders to attend Yeshiva University.
    • Approximately 75 percent of our undergraduates receive scholarship assistance. We award nearly $40 million a year in undergraduate scholarships, with about one-third from philanthropy and the remainder from the University's budget.
    • A gift of scholarships to qualified students attending Yeshiva College and Stern College for Women provides the opportunity to identify exceptional Jewish students committed to leadership in the Jewish community and society at large. It represents an investment in the Jewish values and ideals that you and Yeshiva hold most dear. These include a passion for the Jewish people; absolute support for the land, State and people of Israel; the development of future Jewish leadership in the United States and Israel; and the strengthening of Modern Orthodoxy.
    • Despite the current economic climate, we remain committed to ensuring that no qualified student who desires a Yeshiva University education be turned away for lack of financial resources. Increased funding for scholarships is not merely a goal, it is our fundamental obligation.

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