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Everyone can be a philanthropist with the gift of life insurance. A gift of life insurance is the most inexpensive way to stretch your philanthropic dollar. If you or your spouse is in reasonable good health, modest annual premium payments will provide a gift in excess of 10, 20 or even 100 times your original contribution.

Everyone can be a great philanthropist with insurance, at almost any age. At age 70, you and your spouse may be able to establish a $100,000 scholarship at an annual cost of as low as $2,400. Your charitable income tax deduction could reduce this annual cost to $1,440. If you are younger, the benefits are even more dramatic.

Here's how it works: Every year you make a gift to Yeshiva University and recommend that the gift be applied to purchase insurance on your life. Your gift is completely tax deductible, and none of the insurance proceeds will be taxable against your estate. If you are not eligible for insurance, you can sponsor a child or relative as insured.

Or you may find that you own insurance that you no longer need—for example, if your children have become financially independent. A gift of a policy you no longer need would entitle you to an income tax deduction equal to your cost in the policy and would result in a wonderful gift. Any future premium payments you make would be tax deductible.