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Sophia Gordon Sophia Gordon '10S
"The opportunity to combine a great secular education while studying Jewish subjects and continuing my spiritual development is very exciting."
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Sarah King Sarah King '13S
“If it were not for the generosity of scholarship donors, I would not have the opportunity to attend Stern."
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Leah Larson Leah Larson, '13S
"In the future I would love to start a high school specifically for girls who want to grow religiously and have little Jewish background, where they could internalize Judaism through their talents."
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Martin Leibovich Martin Leibovich '10YC
"If it weren't for the generosity of YU's donors, none of my Jewish learning and growth would have been possible."
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David Prince  David Prince '14SB
“I chose YU because the religious aspect was extremely important to me."
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Bella Wolf Bella Wolf '14S
"Thanks to donors, students who might otherwise have given up on their goals now have the ability to achieve them."
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