Dr. Effie Nulman

His generous gift of $21,500 was nearly beyond his means, but Effie Nulman's dedication to Yeshiva University knows no bounds. 

"We're not rich people; we don't have a fancy lifestyle, but our commitment is to YU because these kids are the future of the Jewish people," said Effie Nulman, the former Senior University Dean of Students, whose recent gift of $21,500 to the university was made specifically for the Wilf Campus Counseling Center. 

A member of the staff since 1984, and the son of Macy Nulman '45YC who was the director of the Belz School of Jewish Music (1945-1982). Effie now works in the counseling center and with student affairs. "At first, I wanted my gift to be anonymous, but I gave that some thought," he said. "If I can do this, then other people can help, too. This gift helps kids who don't have health insurance and covers mental health, medical and learning disabilities.. Any boost that I can give to these kids that I love so much, that's really worthwhile."