Lance Hirt

Partner, Lindsay Goldberg LLC

"There's nothing more important than providing students with all the benefits YU has to offer—including protecting the ideals and the foundations of the Jewish tradition," Hirt says. "If a student cannot attend because of financial issues, it is not just a missed opportunity for that person, it is potentially a multi-generational loss for the broader Jewish community."

Hirt is the driving force behind Yeshiva University's current scholarship initiative, which aims to secure an additional $5 million for student aid this year. For Hirt, who has been a trustee for six years and was just named chairman of the capital campaign, devotion to the University comes right from his core. "I am someone who believes deeply in the purpose and vision of this institution," he says. "I see myself as a bridge to our alumni base, especially to people who may have lost their YU connection over the years."

A partner in the private equity investment firm Lindsay Goldberg, Hirt communicates his connection with ease. "I can speak to somebody about Yeshiva in ways that are neither detached nor formal. I feel as strongly and as passionately as anybody about what we're doing for YU-and what YU is doing for our students."

You might argue that his passion is virtually embedded in his DNA. "All my siblings-there are six of us altogether-were YU undergraduates. My wife, Rivkie, is a Stern alumna and a faculty physician at Albert Einstein College of Medicine; my sister and brother-in-law are also Einstein grads. We are clearly a YU family, and I believe in the critical role that the University plays in defining and sustaining Modern Orthodoxy."

"That role ranks at the top of what I deem important," continues Hirt. "My goal is to ensure that students can have the good fortune to attend Yeshiva College, Stern College and Sy Syms School of Business-and maybe someday, share their own passion for YU.