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Summer Torah Studies Program

Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary

Summer 2021 Is Now Open!

We invite you to join the Yeshiva learning Torah and listening to live high-level shiurim in Talmud, Halakha, Tanakh, Hashkafa, and Chazzanus from the Gedolei Yisrael.

Shiurim options are listed below. After your registration has been received, you will be emailed information on how to join the shiurim. You will also be added to an email list with other daily chaburahs and shiurim.

Wherever you are - you can be a part of the Yeshiva experience.

Summer Zman: July 6 - August 13 (Some Shiurim may start and end earlier or later)

All Shiurim are for men.

June Zman: Rav Schachter on Pesachim

June Zman: Rav Wiederblank on Hilchos Birhas HaMazon            

June Zman: Rav Wieder on Halachos of Minhagim (Monday–Thursday: May 24 –May 27; May 31– May3, June 7 –June 10)

Summer Zman: Rav Orlian on Contemporary Halacha (Semikha Students only)

Summer Zman: Rav Stein on Hilchos Mikvaos (Semikha Students only)

Summer Zman: Rav Simon on Sugyas in Kavod veOneg Shabbos

Summer Zman: Rav Shulman on Sugyas in Rosh HaShanah, 3rd and 4th Perek

Belz School of Jewish Music Course: Shabbat Musaf

Belz School of Jewish Music Course: Overview seminar of the Yamim Noraim

Register Here!

June Zman: All Shiurim

  • Community Members- $75

Summer Zman: All Shiurim

  • Semikha Students- $75 (Registration Fee)
  • Community Member- $100

Special Courses

Gemara Boot Camp- $375 per Session.
Sign up here

Shalshelet HaMesorah Class- $300 per Session
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Donation can be made at

Please email with any questions.

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