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Summer Torah Studies Program

Summer 2021 Coming Soon

It's time to come back to Yeshiva! At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary moved completely online. Every shiur, every chavrusa, every chaburah.

We invite you to join the Yeshiva learning Torah and listening to live high-level shiurim in Talmud, Halakha, Tanakh, Hashkafa, and Chazzanus from the Gedolei Yisrael.

Shiurim options are listed below. After your registration has been received, you will be emailed information on how to join the shiurim. You will also be added to an email list with other daily chaburahs and shiurim.

Wherever you are - you can be a part of the Yeshiva experience.

July Zman: July 6 - August 13 (Some Shiurim may start and end earlier or later)

All Shiurim are for men.

Click here to Register

Daily Schedule: 
Morning Seder:
9:15am - 9:30am - Huddle (machshava + setting up morning seder)
9:30-11:45am - Chavrusa Learning with Sources
11:45: Shiur

Afternoon and Night Seder Shiurim vary day by day. See full schedule below.

All shiurim are subject to change based on number of participants.

Suggested Donations

July All Sedarim and Shiurim:
Semikha Students- $75 (Registration Fee)
Rabbinic Alumni and Current Undergrad Students- $300
General- $450

July Afternoon and/or Night Limmudim (Includes all afternoon and night shiurim)
Current Undergrad Students and Rabbinic Alumni - $180
General- $250

Special Courses
Gemara Boot Camp- $375 per Session

Donation can be made at

Please email with any questions.


Shiurim run on a Sunday - Thursday schedule

Rabbi Daniel Feldman

Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman
Sugyas in Genavas Daas, Kisuy Hadam, Shiluach Hakein, Oso Ves Beno
11:00 AM


Rabbi Aharon Kahn

Rabbi Aharon Kahn
4th Perek of Brachos (Based on the Notes of the Rav)
1:00 PM



Rabbi Eliakim Koenigsberg

Rabbi Eliakim Koenigsberg
End of Avodah Zarah
12:00 PM



Rabbi Herschel Scachter

Rabbi Hershel Schachter
Continuing Kol Habasar (Chullin 108a)
12:45 PM



Rabbi Ezra Schwartz

Rabbi Ezra Schwartz
Hilchos Bishul B'Shabbas
10:30 AM



Rabbi Baruch Simon

Rabbi Baruch Simon
Pikuach Nefesh Sugyas
11:15 AM



Rabbi Jeremy Wieder

Rabbi Jeremy Wieder
Avrei Pesachim
11:15 AM


Rabbi Netanel Wiederblank

Rabbi Natanel Wiederblank
Third Perek of Brachos
9:45 AM


Other Roshei Yeshiva are continuing their regular limmud.
You are welcome to join those shiurim as well. 

Morning Seder

Daily Schedule: 

9:15am - 9:30am - Huddle (machshava + setting up morning seder)
9:30-11:45am - Chavrusa Learning with Sources
11:45: Shiur

Rabbi Herschel Scachter

Rabbi Hershel Schachter
First two פרקים of מסכת ראש השנה



Rabbi Shulman

Rabbi Eli Baruch Shulman
ייהרג ואל יעבר Sugyas in מסכת יומא


Rabbi Baruch Simon

Rabbi Baruch Simon
פיקוח נפש Sugyas


Rabbi Sobolofsky

Rabbi Tzvi Sobolofsky
Famous Sugyas in Shas
Daily Shiur at 12:30



Rabbi Twersky

Rabbi Mayer Twersky
First פרק of חגיגה


Rabbi Jeremy Wieder

Rabbi Jeremy Wieder
מסכת מגילה הלכות/קריאת התורה




Semikha Shiurim
(Open to all men unless otherwise indicated)

Rabbi Feldman

Rabbi Daniel Feldman
Hilchos Geirus (Part of 4th Year Halacha)
Daily at 11:45


Rabbi Mann

Rabbi Daniel Mann
Psak for non-Poskim
Thursdays 9:30am
Course Description and Video


Rabbi Orlian

Rabbi Uri Orlian
Contemporary Halacha (Semikha and Undergad Students Only)
Begins June 25th
Monday-Thursday: 3pm, Friday: 10am


Rabbi Schwartz

Rabbi Ezra Schwartz
Hilchos Maachalei Akum (Part of Issur v'Heter)
Daily at 11:45



Rabbi Willig

Rabbi Mordechai Willig
Hilchos Aveilus
Daily at 12:40pm




Gemara Boot Camp

Gain the Independence to Learn any Daf in Shas without an Artscroll
Yitzchak Radner
Robbie Schrier

Individualized Attention and Personalized Goals for the Novice and Experienced Gemara Learner
Weekly guidance from the Night Seder Rebbeim and World Class Daf Yomi Teachers
Carefully designed drills to improve your mastery of Gemara learning
Special Bechinos and Prizes
Session 1: June 29 - July 24
Session 2: July 27 - August 14

See flyer for more information

Register here.

Afternoon Seder

Rabbi Becher

Rabbi Mordechai Becher
Radical Rebbes: Pshischa, Kotzk and Ishbitz
Mondays & Thursdays, 2-2:45pm



Rabbi Fohrman

Rabbi David Fohrman
Developing an Approach to Teaching, and Learning Tanach
Wednesdays and Thursdays, 1:45-3:00pm
Starts July 1



Rabbi Stein

Rabbi Daniel Stein
Hilchos Eruvin Brought to Life (Part of 4th Year Halacha)
Weekly, 3-4:00pm



Night Seder

Aryeh Lebowitz

Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz
Sugyas in the Shabbos Experience: Keriyas HaTorah: Beis HaKnesses and Mitzvos Aseih of Shabbos
Monday-Thursday 8-8:45pm



Rabbi Neuberger

Rabbi Yaakov Neuberger
Beyond Shana Rishona: The sugyos of the early married years
Shalom Bayis
Tuesdays 9:00pm



Rabbi Neuberger

Rabbi Michael Taubes
Mishmar- The Weekly Parsha: Practice and Pshat
Thursday 9:00-9:30pm



Belz School of Jewish Music

Eric Freeman

Cantor Eric S. Freeman
Shabbat Shacharit