Wilf Student Life Committee

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The Student Life Committee’s mission is to enhance and improve the quality of life on Yeshiva University’s Wilf campus by partnering with its administration and departments to hear the voices of the students and to ensure that promises made to the student body are fulfilled. The committee was established by the university to serve as a bridge of communication between the student body and the administrative faculty and staff of YU. We bring them the student voice as well as input and assistance from the student perspective. We observe and anticipate future problems on campus, resolve current issues faced by our student body, and work hard to enact change that improves the quality of student life on campus.


The SLC liaises with 19 YU departments as well as Student Government. On a day-to-day basis, we deal with student concerns regarding life on campus, ranging from maintenance fixes to physical campus improvements to long term policy change.


The committee consists fourteen students: two co-chairmen and twelve members. The chairmen are appointed by the previous year’s chairmen, while the members are selected through an application and interview process at the beginning of each academic year. These members represent the diverse student body of our school with representatives from: SYMS and YC, BMP, IBC, JSS, and MYP, and the classes of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.


Jesse Silverman

Senior Co-Chair, Office of Student Life, Office of the President


Avi Katz

Junior Co-Chair, Office of Student Life, Office of the President


Aaron Szydlo Athletics

Chananel Yosef International Students

Jamie Cappell Dining Services

Joey Goffstein Communications and Public Affairs

Joey Jubas Libraries and Library services

Julien Saka Safety and Security

Kee Frishman University Housing and Residence Life

Raffi Wiesen Offices of the Deans, Provost, and Registrar

Shaun Stoll Academic Computing and Informational Technology Services

Tzvi Strauss Facilities and Housekeeping

Yosef Naor RIETS (Undergraduate Torah Studies)

Yossi Zimilover Counseling and Career Centers


For an updated list on our activities and accomplishments, please see our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/slcwilf/

Keep in touch! Contact us at Wilf.SLC@gmail.com


Committed to giving each and every student on campus a voice, The Student Life Committee works hard to make your opinion matter and ensure that the Yeshiva University faculty and administration hear your voices.