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Office of Disability Services

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How does a student register with ODS?

Registration begins with the completion and submission of our Intake Form. In addition, current professional documentation must be submitted for evaluation. The disability documentation guidelines are available here and in the ODS office.

After review of a student's documentation, ODS will coordinate services and reasonable accommodations based upon the functional limitations of the student's disability, the recommendations of the professional based upon those limitations, and a discussion of the student's requests. ODS works with students with a wide range of disabilities including learning disabilities, AD/HD, physical, hearing, visual, psychological disabilities, and chronic medical conditions.

Should a student disclose his/her disability status on the admissions application?

Yeshiva University does not inquire or require students with disabilities to disclose their disability status on the admissions application. Decisions around disability disclosure are personal ones which should be carefully considered. Once students are admitted and enrolled, they should contact ODS to begin the ODS registration process to ensure that accommodations and services are in place for the start of the semester.

How will high school services differ from college disability services?

This link maps out the differences between high school and post-secondary disability services.


What are my rights? What are a student's rights?

Students with disabilities have the right to equal access within reason, to all programs, facilities, and resources offered by the University. Furthermore, they have the right to make self-directed decisions about their participation in all aspects of University life. With these principles in mind, ODS works closely with registered students with disabilities to ensure their equal access, to promote their independence, and to support them in the efforts to make informed academic and personal choices.