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Office of Disability Services

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All forms are PDFs unless otherwise noted.

Students who wish to schedule an appointment with the Office of Disability Services should complete this form.

Students who are entitled to receive this accommodation must be complete this form at least one week before an exam so that proctoring can be arranged.

Faculty who has students in class who are entitled to take exams in a Reduced Distraction Location should complete this form at least one week before an exam.

Students who need an outside agency to forward documentation to ODS or who need ODS to release information on file to an outside agency should complete this form.

This form should be completed by the medical professional who can attest to the nature of the student’s disability including diagnosis, functional limitations and recommendations for accommodations.

If you are requesting a book in an alternate format from the publisher, please complete this from and return it to ODS.

This form should be completed by a student who will be borrowing equipment from ODS (e.g., a laptop for exams, a smart pen or a tape recorder).

A student who feels that she or he is medically eligible for a partial/waiver from the University meal plan should have this form completed by the treating physician.

If a student believes a disability services accommodation has been incorrectly decided, this form should be completed. It is recommended that the student speak first about his or her concerns with ODS to discuss the situation and work toward achieving a successful resolution. Please refer to the Grievance Procedures document for more information.